Tips for a Green Stay

Tips for a Green Stay

Make your stay at Downing College as sustainable as possible – see below for how to get here, travel around, reduce waste and save energy.

Getting Here

Downing College is located close to the Railway Station and Drummer Street Bus Station. You can charge your electric car using our four free on-site car charging points.

Downing College Gardens

Although Downing College is located off a busy street in the middle of Cambridge, it is situated amongst 20 acres of gardens and woodland. Take a walk around using our free Architectural Tour leaflet.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn off the lights in your room when leaving. Some of our rooms have a Green Griffin reminder near the light switch.

Don’t Leave the Shower Running

Please avoid wasting water and energy and only run the shower while you are in it.


Help us to avoid unnecessary use of detergents, reduce pollution and save energy, by reusing your towel. When it needs changing, leave it in the bath or shower – it will be replaced for you.

Recycle Leaflets

Take used leaflets to the Conference Office when you leave so others can benefit from them.

Moving Around

Cambridge is easy to get around by bike or on foot. Ask at the Conference Office for cycle maps and details of bike hire, where Downing College visitors are entitled to a discount.

Local Nature Reserves

There are interesting walks and woodlands only a few miles from Downing College including the National Trust’s Lode Fen. Ask for a leaflet at the Conference Office.

Look at Our Green Noticeboard for the Latest News Updates

Check out the green initiatives that are underway at Downing College by consulting our board outside the Porters’ Lodge.