Sustainable Conference Facilities

Environmental Sustainability

Downing College has a number of environmentally-sustainable facilities – the Howard Theatre, the Howard Building and Griphon House.

The Howard Theatre

The Howard Theatre is an environmentally-sustainable building with ground source heating and cooling; solar panels fitted to the Welsh slate roof providing an additional water heating source; an external structure made from Ketton stone for thermal efficiency and rainwater harvesting for flushing the toilets and maintaining the landscaping.

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The Howard Building

The Howard Building has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment programme with a major emphasis on energy efficiency and reuse of existing materials, including installing double-glazed and draught-proof windows, with ‘K’ glass providing energy efficiency and sound-proofing; insulating the roof space; replacing all lights with LEDs; and installing more energy-efficient boilers.

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Griphon House

Griphon House is a pre-war building, constructed in the 1930s with original Art Deco features. It has been extensively refurbished and brought up to date, including the installation of solar panels on the roofs.

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