Date: 26th September 2018


FIVE MINUTES with David Harwood

In February David Harwood took on the role of Catering Manager following the retirement of Geoff Jameson.

Q: Previous role? A: I was Group Manager for the Perse Schools in Cambridge for one year (2017), prior to that I was Catering Manager at Pembroke College for 12 years.

Q: Earliest memory? A: Being unable to open my bedroom door when I was about 4; I was pushing not pulling!

Q: What makes you happy? A: Warm sunny days with the wife and kids.

Q: Likes? A: Liverpool FC, gym, cycling, cooking, reading, detailing my car.

Q: Dislikes? A: Cold rainy mornings and clocks going back an hour.

Q: Favourite food? A: Mexican.

Q: Favourite song or band? A: Led Zeppelin, Over the hills and far away.

Q: Favourite film? A: ‘Meet Joe Black.’

Q: Best holiday? A: Maldives for our honeymoon in 2000.

Q: How would you spend your perfect day? A: On a river, chilling in the sun.

Q: Greatest achievement? A: A happy marriage and beautiful, healthy children.

Q: Funniest moment? A: Too many to remember, but walking into the wrong screen at the local cinema recently was quite funny; we caught the final 5 minutes of the movie we were planning on watching!


Q: How do you start your day? A: Kiss the wife, tease the two dogs, wake the kids, drink a coffee and take a shower!

Q: Best thing about your job? A: Being creative, developing new concepts and making people happy.

Q: What brought you to Downing? A: A cold-calling recruitment agency, several interviews and a bit of good luck.

Q: What’s your vision for Downing catering? A: AV screens on walls, grab and go food in the Café, colourful new concepts for food, a healthy salad bar and happy customers.

Q: Best thing about Downing? A: The people.

Q: What would your superpower be? A: I would be able to clone myself and take the day off!

Q: An interesting fact about you? A: I was born in High Wycombe, but grew up in Oregon and Tennessee, USA.