Date: 18th October 2019

Q: What brought you to Downing?

A: I applied for a position in another department as a temporary job, but was recruited by the then head of HR to manage operations for the new gallery. What a stroke of luck!

Q: What’s your vision for the Heong Gallery?

A: My hope for the Gallery is that we continue to surprise ourselves and visitors with a varied fare of world-class art, culture, and engagement for many years to come. I love that we have such passionate supporters and regular visitors, and I hope our audience expands with each exhibition.

Q: Earliest memory?

A: The arrival of the family’s first tele-vision set when I was four. I remember bouncing around in the corridor outside our flat, waiting for this magic box to appear.

Q: What makes you happy?

A: Too many things to mention. At the moment, it is the thought that it is nearly lunchtime.

Q: How do you start your day?

A: Sadly, with a scroll through the news on my phone.

Q: Most embarrassing moment?

A: Trying to sound grown-up at twelve and saying something was ‘erotic’ when it was, in fact, ‘exotic’. Oh, the shame!

Q: Greatest achievement?

A: Surviving my doctorate.

Q: Funniest moment?

A: I find my dogs endlessly amusing.

Q: An interesting fact about you?

A: The only sporting prize I have ever won is for Tug-of-War. Our team always had a natural advantage!

Q: Best holiday?

A: In Sicily in January. No sun or sea, but plenty of history. We even got to pretend we were in an episode of Inspector Montalbano when my partner’s bag was snatched, and we had to go to the local police station to register the theft.

Q: Best thing about Downing?

A: The people. We all support each other.

Q: What’s your perfect day?

A: Waking up late, seeing some amazing art, eating a delicious meal, cock-tails in the garden, meeting up with friends, and then collapsing into a deep sleep in a pile of dogs.