Date: 24th April 2018

From the beginning of April hot drinks in the servery at Downing College are served in 8oz Kraft cups and lids from Vegware. The cups and lids are an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable cups. Lined with plant based PLA, as opposed to PE plastic that many other manufacturers use, the cups remain completely compostable and are widely accepted for food waste recycling. A double walled design provides great insulating properties and the cup has a line of text by the seam reading: "This is no ordinary cup”. The paper is from a sustainable source, and the lining is made from plants not oil. The cups are also labelled as being "completely compostable". All the cups in this range will completely break down within twelve weeks, making them perfect for anyone wanting to reduce waste that goes to landfills. The cups also benefits from a sturdy construction, with a strong, reliable base that makes it perfect for use outdoors.

Prevent spills with the world’s first 100% compostable lid. Produced by Vegware the plastic used to make this award winning hot cup lid is made from cornstarch as opposed to oil, which uses 77% less CO2 and if composted the disposable lid will turn back into soil in nine weeks.

All of the students and staff at Downing College are encouraged to buy branded KeepCups to reduce the use of disposables as much as possible. Every KeepCup used more than 15 times saves energy and resources, as well as waste.